New Breed is a unique talent broker that acts as a catalyst for change. We connect organisations to those who can help them to uncover previously unseen ways to solve their biggest challenges. We call these people, "The New Breed".

Many of the challenges organisations are facing, they are facing for the first time. These new world challenges are creating a need to move past best-practice to uncover a better way. 

The clients who work us recognise that their industry, organisation and people exist within a restrictive echo chamber. They turn to us for support see what they can't see, learning from those they wouldn't ordinarily meet. 

Who are The New Breed?

From a company making living in space a near-future reality, to another diagnosing rare diseases faster than doctors with AI, we’ve made it our business to know whose leading what’s next for business and society.

Intellectually curious, The New Breed seek out challenges that interest them to solve, opposed to following a linear, specialist career path. Their diversity of experience makes them systems thinkers, able to see across industries and identify new routes to solving problems.

Those in our network have made significant positive change happen for some of the world's most notable organisations. The work they do is often proclaimed to be pioneering, visionary and groundbreaking. It blazes a trail for other work like it to follow, opening up industries and new ways of working. 

What we do

We support organisations to learn what they don't know before it's too late. 

We help out clients to define a problem that matters with precision, which then allows us to assemble the perfect mix of free thinkers to tackle and solve that challenge.

We design the ideal environments for collective thinking.

Our services include  

  • Fast strategy workshops
  • Knowledge on-demand service
  • Interdisciplinary research 
  • Unique learning experiences that we call 'Think Sprints'
  • Speaker bureau and unique event design 

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