We need to think differently


Now more than ever, the world needs a network like New Breed. Founded in early 2019, we are a think & do tank like no other. 

Many of the challenges facing people and the planet, we are facing for the first time or with more intensity. Adding to that, companies with the will and power to do more and better exist within echo chambers, cultures and systems that prevent them from identifying ways to innovate at the speed that is needed.

We exist to help organisations learn what they don't know from the people they wouldn't ordinarily meet. 

Rather than talking about change, our network consists of the people already making change happen. We are the only network that actively excludes the establishment in favour of people leading what's next.  Intellectually curious, the New Breed seek out challenges that interest them to solve, opposed to following a linear, specialist career path. Their diversity of experience makes them natural systems thinkers, able to see across industries and past the way things have always been done. 

Our mission is to create work that blazes a trail for others for follow, acting as a catalyst for change. Around a focused challenge, we convene our network in unique ways to identify better solutions. 

Our process starts with a workshop that takes thinking upstream, helping our clients to turn a problem that can't be solved in to a precision brief that can. This allows us to assemble the perfect mix of free thinkers to tackle and solve that challenge.

We're only a year old, but have been overwelmed by the support we have received. Clients and partners have included: Sony Music, Wellcome Trust, Mother London and The Dyson School of Design Engineering.  

Founder, Karla Morales-Lee. New Breed Think Sprint, Wellcome Collection