Given the complexity and urgency of the challenges facing businesses and the world, we believe that there is an appetite and need for organisations to work with the unusual suspects in order to drive more impact. 

From a company making living in space a near-future reality, to another diagnosing rare diseases faster than doctors with AI, we’ve made it our business to know whose leading what’s next for business and society.

We are a catalyst for change, connecting organisations to The New Breed Network. We do this via our on-demand talent connection service, unique learning experiences and co-creation workshops. We facilitate collaboration between internal stakeholders and our talent at a very deep level.

The clients who work us recognise that their industry, organisation and people exist within a restrictive echo chamber. They turn to us for support to meet who they don’t know, see what they can't see and do what they need to do, faster.

Members of The New Breed Network are supported via a talent platform that combines resources to breakthrough, helping each other to be seen, heard and bought. Our tools support our members to grow.

We believe we can achieve more together.